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Sharon Longman


I was born in Huddersfield in 1966 and had no church/Christian background until the late 1990's when I was asked if I wanted to attend an Alpha course by my then hairdresser, whom I knew had something I hadn't ... it turned out to be Jesus! The Holy Spirit 'got' me on His weekend during Alpha and have been on a journey full of peaks and troughs since, but I feel I'm fairly level at the moment.

I remarried in July 2018 to Jeremy, a wonderful man who truly is a gift from God and supports me 100% in all aspects of my work and walk with God. He too works within the Circuit at Christ Church as a mission Centre Manager.

I have 2 grown up children of my own and have also acquired 2 step children recently.

I have worked in Highways and was practising as a therapeutic counsellor prior to joining the Circuit in 2013 when I was employed to lead the Busoasis project. This is an amazing project which serves the communities of Calderdale in many exciting ways by sharing the love of God. This at times been challenging but more so a blessing to me.

I feel strongly called to all aspects of community work. This mainly involves engaging with people of little or no faith, which was me in a previous life, consequently I feel it is the best use of my gifts as I seem to be able to 'meet people where they are at'.

I am also a West Yorkshire Police Chaplain, another exciting, challenging role I have been called to.

I've been told I'm nearly always smiling, funny and exude calm! Credit: Jesus living within me.

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